Production Support Europe
Production Support Europe guides companies in out sourcing their production within Europe.

Do you recognize yourself in this?
  1. You must lower your prices, but you cannot lower your cost price anymore
  2. You have a peak demand but no staff or capacity?
  3. You think outsourcing is only for big companies?
Then it is time to get in contact with us. Production Support Europe guides you in bringing you production to the place where knowledge is available and prices are competitive. Production of your product for a better price, just around the corner, within Europe.

Production Support Europe has the skills, experience and contacts in Poland to solve these problems for you. Through our own vast technical knowledge en purchasing experience we can guide you in an excellent way.

Please look at our services pages to see what we can do for you.

We support the following business sectors:
  1. Steel industry
  2. Wood industry
  3. Plastic industry
  4. Electrical industry

Service telephone

Service telephone

(+48) 32 7281274

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